Science is all around us. The matter, the particles, and plasma all floating in the universe, making us and everything. It holds the secrets to the great unknown that humans are constantly trying to untangle. Science is both an interesting and knowledgeable subject that holds all the answers. Ones humans have been trying to solve for centuries.

For this reason, little by little, humans are always trying to solve these mysteries. In 2021 there are some upcoming science events that we are all very excited to share!

Upcoming science events.

Here is a list of all those events happening in the New Year. And you need to follow up on.

Deep analysis of Mars

This year more than 5 new expeditions are being planned. They are not just from the US but also Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Korea that all have one common goal, to explore Mars in greater detail. There are plans of bringing back more samples of debris and rock to study. An expedition this big has not been done before.

Mapping the universe.

There is a detailed studying going on in the Astro world that will incorporate the coordinates of about a billion stars in the Milky Way to map. This will be a giant step forward in delineating our studies and that of the universe that we know of.

Marveling Robotics.

The AI, IoT, and Machine learning will take a boost in how they currently work. This will also affect the current pace. This intelligence will take the world forward with newer and better machines that will change the course of history.


Dengue, malaria, sleeping disease, and Covid-19 all will see an end because scientists are only concluding the finals for the vaccination before carrying out massive vaccinations all around the world. This will see the end of these diseases.